Rethinking the Role of Feedback in Our Conferences and Small Groups

We spent the day with Jennifer Serravallo.  She is a wonderful presenter and has so much to share.  If you haven’t had the chance to see her yet, we highly recommend seeing her or

Closely Assessing Close Reading

There are a lot of questions right now about assessing close reading.  The more we listen to teachers, administrators and coaches the more we realize the big question really is not about how do

Assessment: Demonstrating Growth vs. Growth Mindset

So many schools are feeling the pressure to demonstrate “growth.”  What we find sad is that the pressure to show growth has caused us to view assessment as something very removed from a growth

Using Pinterest to Differentiate Professional Learning

Just when we had started feeling comfortable with Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads…Franki Sibberson and Brenda Powers told us, “You know, you really need to look at Pinterest.” Our immediate reaction – AHHHHHH!  Not another social

Redefining Assessment

People often ask us when we think we should begin assessing students in the beginning of the year.  Our first response is, “The minute we meet them!”  Now this response has caused some strong