Celebrating Summer Reading – Impacting Summer Regression and Developing Habits of Lifelong Readers

  Over the past two weeks we have had the privilege of talking with many teachers and administrators about summer reading.     In an effort to curb the “summer slide” these schools have put time and

Coaching: What To Do When a Teacher Doesn’t Appear to Need Anything?

Coaching: What To Do When a Teacher Doesn’t Appear to Need Anything?

Some of our favorites days are spent supporting coaches in their role.  Lately, we have been asked the same question by many, “How do you coach a teacher who seems to be making connections

Nonfiction Texts that Model How To Study, Understand and Protect

Here are two terrific nonfiction texts that approach the topic of pollution in the Pacific Ocean in unique ways.   Instead of simply stating facts about pollution, these books show how every day people ask

Slice of Life – The Power of a Story

Slice of Life – The Power of a Story

I had the privilege to hear Kevin Breel speak a few weeks ago.  I must admit I had never heard of him before this talk and I have not been able to stop thinking

It’s Monday! We’ve Been Reading Some Books about Believing in Yourself

Here are two terrific new picture books with important messages about the power of believing in yourself.  We love the way both of these texts bring about this theme in completely different ways: What To

It’s Monday! We Are Reading Some New Books with Layers of Meaning!

New Books with Layers of Meaning Hope is a Ferris Wheel, Robin Herrera We immediately fell in love with the main character – 10 year old, Star Mackie.  She has a strong sense of self and

Celebrating Wait Time

Three years ago I bought a Camas Lily plant for my flower garden.  Although I have never seen a Camas Lily, it is a native plant in New England so I thought I would

Nonfiction Picture Books That Will Engage the Most Unengaged Readers

            These are some of the nonfiction books we grab when a teacher is looking for texts for an unengaged reader.  When a student continues to struggle to find a text to read, we find

It’s Monday! Here is What We Are Reading!

It’s Monday!  Here is What We Are Reading!

Before we went on April break, we posted what we were looking forward to reading on vacation and the books our kids would be reading.  Here are our thoughts and our kids’ thoughts about

Celebrating the Feeling of Frustration of Learning

  “I  am celebrating the feeling of frustration you have when you are learning something new.  I am celebrating that feeling of frustration because I know I am learning and my students are learning.” –