Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge – A Powerful Mentor Text for Informational Writing

Elephants – A Book for Children, David Henry Wilson and Steve Bloom We knew we had to order this text after we read Fran McVeigh’s blog post about the workshop she attended at Teachers College

Slice of Life: Lessons Learned from Surfing

I turned to see my friend frantically pressing her fist to her forehead as she watched her boys head off into the waves with surfboards.  My kids took surf lessons this week with some of

It’s Monday! We Have Found Some Books That We Can’t Wait to Read to Kindergartners

  We don’t know what it is about these texts, but when we read them we both thought, “These are perfect texts for kindergarten!” Perhaps it is the word choice, the rhyming patterns, or even

Nonfiction Challenge and a New Pinterest Board: Picture Book Biographies

  The Beatles were Fab (and They Were Funny), Kathleen Krull and Paul Brewer This is a fun book!  Students will love learning about this rock band and they may even recognize some of their songs.

Slice of Life: Living the Writerly Life

Slice of Life: Living the Writerly Life

We have been reflecting on the phrase “living the writerly life” and realize it has never meant as much to us as it does now. In the past year, we have written more and

It’s Monday! We Are Rereading Some Books that Make Us Laugh!

   We are always on the look out for books that make readers laugh. It is so much fun to read aloud these texts and watch students’ (and even teachers’) reactions.   Readers’ love laughing with

Blog Tour: Digital Student Portfolios:  A Whole School Approach to Connected Learning and Continuous Assessment 

Matt Renwick is someone we feel like we have known for years and yet we have never personally met him. Now that we have read his book, it is clear to us why we

Picture Book 10 for 10 – Scaffolding Symbolism

How do you know if a tree is symbolizing something or when a tree is just a tree? There is so much we love about this question from a fifth grader that we do not