Our Nominations for the 2014 Nerdy Book Awards

Over the past week we have been talking and texting back and forth about which books to nominate for the 2014 Nerdy Book Club Awards. When you submit nominations for Nerdy Book Club Awards

The Power of a Teacher

The Power of a Teacher

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Slice of Life – What Messages Would You Line Your Hallways With?

We have been so inspired by the photo and video slices some of you have created over the past year.  We have been thinking about trying this text structure, but have never given it

It’ Monday! These Books are Laugh Out Loud Funny!

Here are three new texts we know readers we want to read again and again. These books are highly engaging and “laugh out loud” funny. This ORQ. (He Cave Boy.), David Elliott and Lori Nicholas We

#T4Tchat – Calling All Coaches Twitter Chat Archive

Thanks for joining us for our Twitter Chat.  We look forward to our next Twitter Chat on February 2, 2015 8:00-9:00 pm.  Topic TBA!!! Here is the archive of this week’s chat on Storify:   Share:Click to

Two Great Nonfiction Mentor Texts

The Long, Long Journey: The Godwit’s Amazing Migration, Sandra Markle and Mia Posada We love how this nonfiction text tells the story of a bird family’s migration from Alaska to the New Zealand mudflats.   Sandra

Slice of Life – Have We Lost Our Mojo?

Slice of Life – Have We Lost Our Mojo?

Her voice begins to shake. She averts her eye contact with me. I  can just feel the fear inside of her.  While this was one moment, it sums up far too many moments I have

It’s Monday! We Have Been Reading Some Texts with Surprise Endings!

We love texts with surprise endings because they encourage readers to ask questions about the writer’s decisions. Why this ending? How does this ending connect to the beginning of the text?   What does this

#T4TChat – Calling All Coaches!

#T4TChat – Calling All Coaches!

Who Coaches the Coaches? Calling All Coaches! Join Us for a Twitter Chat to Share Tips and Ideas #T4TChat December 8 from 8:00-9:00 pm EST   Here some questions we think about a lot!  Join us to share

Penultimate — If You Have an iPad You Need this App!

  In July we bought iPads. We were not excited. We did not see the benefits. We were not convinced these would be tools to enhance our work.   Then we found Penultimate!   We use Penultimate in