Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge: Hybrid Texts to Celebrate Poetry Month

Hybrid texts offer students such interesting ways to learn new information. The combination of the different genres within the text helps readers understand information from different perspectives and in new ways.   Here are three

Slice of Life: Rigorous Play

Slice of Life: Rigorous Play

I could hear the hooting and hollering of “School’s out!” through my window as the kids ran up my street towards their homes. It was the first day of spring break and these elementary

It’s Monday! We Have Been Reading Some Traditional Tales

We are always on the look out for wonderful traditional literature with powerful themes and interesting characters.   Here are two traditional tales we are excited to share with readers in grades 3 to 6. Cloud

Text Levels – Opening Doors to Literacy or Restricting Access?

  “Teaching children to read and providing them with something worthwhile to read is not a job for the faint of heart in this world. But I’ll keep at it, and I won’t be alone.

Slice of Life: “Slicing Poetry”

Slice of Life:  “Slicing Poetry”

Last week I wrote my first poem!  Fran, a fellow slicer, responded: “What a perfect “slicing” poem!” This response was such an Aha!   I always share with students that writers need to make decisions once they

It’s Monday! Looking Closely with Poet’s Eyes

In Poetry: Big Thoughts Small Packages by Lucy Calkins, Stephanie Parsons, and Amy Ludwig VanDerwater (Grade 2 Writing Units of Study) they teach students how look at objects in new ways – through poet’s

Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge: Great Mentor Texts!

Here are two compelling texts that can be used for interactive read aloud and then studied as mentor texts for informational writing. These texts are filled with crafting techniques for young writers to study. Neighborhood

Slice of Life: Poems Hide

Slice of Life:  Poems Hide

  I am a stalker.   I have been stalking Mary Lee Hahn on Poetry Friday for some time now. I am not drawn to poetry. I do not know why. It feels a bit like

It’s Monday! We Read This Very Practical Book on RTI

Simplifying Response to Intervention: Four Essential Guiding Principles, Austin Buffum, Mike Mattos and Chris Weber Simplifying Response to Intervention is a must-read for teams of teachers and administrators who are searching for ways to make