Slice of Life: Will They Tell Us Their Story?

We no longer wonder “Who are you?” but instead decide quickly “What can we do to fix you?”   -Vivian Paley One of the inspirations for our idea of “Jump Back June” was Vivian Paley.

It’s Monday! Jumping Back with Beverly Cleary

For our last Jump Back June post we took some time to reread a few of Beverly Cleary’s books.   We wanted to look at these stories with our lens of readers in 2015 to

Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge: Jumping Back with Gail Gibbons

Jump Back June wouldn’t be complete unless we wrote about Gail Gibbons’ books. In the 1990’s these books introduced countless readers to nonfiction books when there wasn’t the plethora of nonfiction choices that are

Slice of Life: Illustrators We Love to Study

Way back when…. we taught visual literacy. We remember spending time teaching our students about the elements of art and the decisions illustrators make when designing an illustration.  “Visual literacy is sorting out, recognizing,

It’s Monday! Jumping Back to Some Chapter Book Series for Transitional Readers

We are always on the look out for easy-to-read chapter book series to support transitional readers as they learn how to read a longer text and remember the plot line over several chapters. These

Slice of Life: Just Tell Me

Well there are lots of options. I know, but just tell me which author you would do. You shouldn’t pick who I would study, let’s think about an author you love. I know you are trying

It’s Monday! We Are Jumping Back with Mem Fox

Do you love Mem Fox as much as we do? We love her familiar titles like Koala Lou, Possum Magic and Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge   We love listening as students’ join in

Jump Back June – Nonfiction Picture Books by Kathryn Lasky

Many students know of Kathryn Lasky because they read The Guardian of Ga’Hoole Series.   But do they know about her nonfiction books? Do they know that she has published over 100 titles in a

Slice of Life: An Author Who is Silver and Gold

“Why does a mother leave? Like not just in this book, but in life.  Why? Why would my mother leave?” Whenever we hear Patricia MacLachlan’s name or a title of one of her books, we

It’s Monday! We are Jumping Back to Remember Some Favorite Read Alouds.

As we were combing through our bookshelves to decide what books to highlight for Jump Back June we fell in love all over again with these wonderful stories.  As we held these books in