Slice of Life: Twenty-Minute Rule

You cannot give feedback for twenty minutes. This was the instruction we were given as we set off for an 8-hour kayak trip. We were all in two-person kayaks. The person in the back was

It’s Monday! We Are Reading a New Must-Read Professional Book – The Construction Zone

We have been hoping Terry Thompson would write more about scaffolding ever since we read his article, Are you Scaffolding or Rescuing, published at Choice Literacy. We love this article so much we reread

Nonfiction Picture Challenge: Great Mentor Texts for Opinion Units of Study

When beginning an opinion unit of study in K-6 classrooms, we want to read aloud books that give real-life examples of people who encountered a problem and took action to solve it. These two

Slice of Life: A Ritual to Center Us as Teachers, Coaches and Parents

Last week we joined a kayak trip in Resurrection Bay, Alaska. We were a group of 10 – – 8 participants and 2 guides. It took quite a bit of provisioning to get us

It’s Monday! We Fell in Love with Crenshaw!

We were so eager to read Crenshaw  by Katherine Applegate that we searched high and low at the International Literacy Association Conference (ILA) exhibit hall for an advanced reader copy. After scouring the aisles,

Calling All Coaches! Literacy Coaching is Not a Deficit Model

  Everyone has the right to be coached. A wise superintendent once shared this philosophy with us. Coaching is not a deficit model. Big Papi, Tom Brady and Patrice Bergeron are coached. We know we are

Slice of Life: What’s a Literacy Coach to Do?

Slice of Life: What’s a Literacy Coach to Do?

Why don’t you have a dessert book? A dessert book? I ask tentatively. You know one book that is just for fun. When you talked about how readers choose books to put in their bag, you

It’s Monday! We are Reading Books in Verse

Books in Verse: A Genre Filled with Powerful Stories and Interesting Teaching Opportunities You know that feeling of uncertainty when you begin a novel? Questions run through your mind, “What is this? What is happening?

Nonfiction Books to Read Cover to Cover

Here are three new nonfiction books that are perfect for interactive read aloud. They are engaging texts full of interesting information. Mesmerized: How Ben Franklin Solved a Mystery that Baffled All of France, Mara Rockcliff

Slice of Life: Hey, I’m Really Good At This

Slice of Life: Hey, I’m Really Good At This

“Should some of us leave?” “Why?” “Well, I just think it might be stressful if so many people are watching the student get assessed.” “It is only the third day of school.” “And she is only in Kindergarten.” “Five