Mentor Teaching Moves: High Standards and Developmentally Appropriate #T4TMoments

What could be more engaging than a karaoke machine?  This group of kindergarteners would answer –nothing!!!  The karaoke microphone is not only used for chanting music – it is used to respond to books,

Slice of Life: Assessment – A Celebration of Learning!

Last week we were in Maryland. We planned on eating blue crabs.  We didn’t plan on receiving small group instruction on how to eat a blue crab. First we were assessed: Have you eaten blue crabs

It’s Monday! We Fell in Love with the Characters in Raymie Nightingale

Lucy Calkin’s says, “Before you can begin writing a fictional story you need to know your characters so well that you know exactly how much change each one has in her pocket.”   As we

Mentor Teaching Moves: Keeping Book Club Conversations Authentic and Meaningful #T4TMoments

When students begin book clubs, we want to help them have meaningful and authentic conversations. Conversations where they learn from each other, instead of report out ideas.  Conversations that remain focused on the book.  

Slice of Life: Word Choice

Slice of Life: Word Choice

Word choice is really important in poetry. It is short. You need to pack a lot into a few words. It really is the essence of the genre. I always have a difficult time

It’s Monday! Picture Books that Bring Literacy to Life!

This week we are focusing on picture books that inspire our youngest students to read and to write.   Each one of these texts has an important message about what it means to be a

Mentor Teaching Move: “Student as Teacher” Day #T4TMoments

Teaching is the highest form of understanding  -Aristotle Aristotle reminds us that when we teach we demonstrate what we have learned and what we understand.  This is one of the reasons Kristen, a sixth grade

Slice of Life: Parental (or Teacher) Guidance is Suggested

  I love this quote.  It helps me focus on the good in the world.  It reminds me that we need to talk with our students and children about the hard and good things that

It’s Monday! Here’s Our Summer Professional Reading Stack

As the school year winds down, many teachers ask, “What professional books should I read this summer?  What are you reading?”  We love building our professional book stack each summer.  Reading professional books over

Mentor Teaching Move: Purpose and Audience Matter #T4TMoments

When we walked into Kim’s fifth and sixth grade English Language Arts classroom, we couldn’t help but notice this bulletin board. This bulletin board is Kim’s own personal book log.  Each time she reads a