Mentor Teaching Moves: Rotated Neglect #T4TMoments

A wise professor, Sylvia Feinberg, taught us a mentor teaching move that keeps us balanced and happy.  She called it, “rotated neglect.”  This instructional move is used to help us remember that we cannot

Slice of Life: I Can’t Read

Slice of Life:  I Can’t Read

“I can’t read.” We can’t count the number of times we hear this quote in a given week.  So many kindergarten students we meet proclaim this when we sit down to confer.  While we know

It’s Monday… and It’s Time for the 2016 Nerdy Book Awards!

If you love books as much as we do, you won’t want to miss The 2016 Nerdy Book Awards.   All you have to do to participate is fill out a ballot by midnight on

Mentor Teaching Moves: Cultivating Avid Readers #T4TMoments

As we walked down the hallway of Spaulding Memorial Elementary School we saw this scene and knew it was a mentor teaching move. Not only are these readers on task – they are developing a

Slice of Life – The 24 Hour Rule

Slice of Life – The 24 Hour Rule

“You two need to learn about the 24-hour rule.” Wayne Ogden, an important mentor in our lives, taught us about the “24-hour rule.”  The rule dictates that some things in life should not be responded

It’s Monday! Maribeth’s Boelts Has Done It Again!

One of our tried and true texts for interactive read aloud and narrative writing is Maribeth Boelt’s book, Those Shoes published in 2009. This story resonates with many students because they can relate to Jeremy’s

Mentor Teaching Moves: Show Not Tell – Literally! #T4TMoments

Mentor Teaching Moves:  Show Not Tell – Literally!  #T4TMoments

How many times have we asked our writers to “show not tell” in their writing?  As teachers of writing, we know how this immediately adds voice and feeling to a piece of writing.  We

Slice of Life: What is Success?

I had the privilege of running to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital this weekend.  It was my second time running for this cause.  This year my friend, who works for St. Jude, took

It’s Monday! We Are Reading Lucy by Randy Cecil

As soon as we finished reading Lucy, we immediately reread it from the beginning.  This book is a cross between Sam and Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett, Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne and the 1993

Mentor Teaching Moves: Reflecting with a Partner #T4TMoments

In Kristen’s fifth grade classroom, students are working with partners to reflect on their writing and determine next steps to meet their goal.  Students write a few different drafts and then meet with their