Slice of Life: Moved to Tears #SOL17

This poem by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater brought a first grader to tears last week.  We read it as a mentor text to discuss how poets find inspiration for topics.  We read it and then

It’s Monday! We are Celebrating Kwame Alexander #IMWAYR

This Monday we are celebrating Kwame Alexander! If you loved Booked and The Crossover as much as we did, you will want to add Kwame’s new titles to your collection: Out of Wonder: Poems Celebrating Poets,

Mentor Teaching Moves: Using Trends to Create a Learning Community #T4TMoments

We are seeing teachers use trends from social media in upper elementary and middle grade classrooms.  Rather than #throwbackthursday or #wednesdaywisdom we are seeing school centered hashtags: #smallmomentmonday #teachmetuesday #wonderwednesday #funfactfriday We personally join weekly groups like #IMWAYR and

Slice of Life: We Wish You More #SOL17

Slice of Life:   We Wish You More  #SOL17

Amy Krouse Rosenthal has been on my mind since March.  Since our last post about her, I have been using her book, I Wish You More, as a mentor text in many of my

It’s Monday and We Have a GIVEAWAY!  Disrupting Thinking: Why How We Read Matters, by Kylene Beers & Robert E. Probst

 Disrupting Thinking: Why How We Read Matters, is a book that lives up to its title.  It pushes educators and administrators to stop and think about how a student’s mindset about reading impacts the

Mentor Teaching Moves: Love This #sosmart Idea! #T4TMoments

This chart stopped us in our tracks: We have seen lots of Book Talk charts in our classroom travels, but this is the first time we saw one with hashtags (#).  This teacher has her

Slice of Life: Too Good to Be True… But It Is!! #SOL17

Resources are often scarce in elementary schools.  Teachers read new professional books; attend conferences and stay current with best literacy practices on social media.  It is so frustrating when we meet teachers who want

It’s Monday! We Are Reading Juana and Lucas, Autobiographical Series by Juana Medina

The minute we opened this book, we fell in love with the main character, Juana, and her life in Bogota, Columbia and we think readers in second and third grade will fall in love

Mentor Teaching Moves: Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! #T4TMoments

Mentor Teaching Moves:    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!     #T4TMoments

Recently we had several opportunities to observe instruction in a different language.  While neither of us understood one word of content of the lesson, we were amazed at how much we understood.  Turns out

Slice of Life: What is an Education? #SOL17

Slice of Life:  What is an Education?     #SOL17

My dad’s first grandchild graduated from college this weekend.  When I saw the photo of my nephew receiving his diploma, I immediately heard my dad’s voice, “An education is something no one can ever take