Slice of Life: Closing Time… At Least Virtually #SOL17

I was having dinner with a friend and she reflected, “I wish my job had an ending each year like your job.  I know you still work over the summer, but each year has

It’s Monday! Looking for Opinion Text ? Check Out Flip Sides Series #IMWAYR

  When we look at our mentor text baskets, we notice that our fiction, personal narrative, informational, and poetry baskets have more options than our opinion baskets.   Students need to read lots of opinion pieces

Mentor Teaching Moves: The Power of Listening #T4TMoments

Mentor Teaching Moves:  The Power of Listening  #T4TMoments

There are teachers everywhere – we notice mentor teaching moves all the time.  This week … it was at Best Buy.  We met Danny. Now… without giving more information than you need, let’s set the

Slice of Life: Well-Loved Books #SOL17

Yesterday, we were helping one of our partner schools revise their bookroom.  A group of fifth graders volunteered to give us a hand.  We set one group up to reorganize the book club section

It’s Monday! This is One Professional Book We Know We Will Read Again and Again!! #IMWAYR

As you can see from this photo, the cover of Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Reading features a word splash exploding from an open book.  Before reading, we only glanced at the cover and dove

Mentor Teaching Moves: A True Celebration of Poetry and Words! #T4TMoments

  This mentor teaching move speaks for itself!  These poetry benches captured our attention the moment we stepped into the classroom. Share:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook

Slice of Life: Words to Live By #SOL17

Slice of Life:  Words to Live By   #SOL17

I overheard my neighbor sending his son off to school this morning as I was watering my garden. I know it’s field day at school today.  I hope you have a good time. His son grabs

It’s Monday! Are You Ready to Take a Closer Look at Your Writers? #IMWAYR

This week we had the privilege of reading the manuscript for Lynne Dorfman’s and Diane Dougherty’s newest book, A Closer Look: Learning More About Our Writers with Formative Assessment K-6. Now… everyone knows we have

Mentor Teaching Moves: What’s In a Name? #T4TMoments

Teachers ask us all the time about best practices for word study.  How do you find the time?  How to do you make the instruction authentic and purposeful?  How do you help students transfer

Slice of Life: What is the State of Your Union? #SOL17

Slice of Life:  What is the State of Your Union?    #SOL17

I have “state of the union” meetings in my family every weekend – typically on Sunday.  While a part of this time is sharing schedules and the juggling act each of us will perform