Slice of Life: I Love Fly Guy … and It’s Not My Text Level #SOL17

As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it: Fly Guy never gets old for me.  I can’t wait to see what Tedd Arnold does with each book – Will there

It’s Monday! So Many Wordless Picture Books… So Many Opportunities #IMWAYR

Reading is constructing meaning and nothing sends this message more than wordless picture books.  Wordless books encourage readers to slow down, look closely, and notice the details in text.  They highlight the power of

Mentor Teaching Moves: Revising our Writing Through Storytelling #T4TMoments

Mentor Teaching Moves: Revising our Writing Through Storytelling   #T4TMoments

When Sarah launched a personal narrative unit of study with her class, she wanted students to rehearse their stories before drafting.  So what did Sarah do to engage the class in storytelling?  Sarah rolled

Slice of Life: A Few Slices from Literacy For All 2017 #SOL17

Slice of Life:  A Few Slices from Literacy For All 2017  #SOL17

I am just sitting down at my computer after getting home from #LFA2017.  It was jam packed with information and great presenters.  We tweeted as often as we could – so check out our

It’s Monday! Do You Need a Teaching Companion? Check Out This Book! #IMWAYR

When we saw the cover of Ralph Fletcher’s new book, we were struck by the word, companion.  It is such a warm and friendly word.  When we think of a companion, we think about

Mentor Teaching Move: Partnering with Purpose #T4TMoments

Mentor Teaching Move:  Partnering with Purpose   #T4TMoments

Turn and Talk.  Elbow partners.  Think partners.  Think, pair, share.  There are so many terms in our profession referring to when students talk with a partner.  Research shows how important it is to give

Slice of Life: To Have and To Hold #SOL17

What is it about seeing, holding, and feeling an important object in your hand that transcends time and space?   I visit many classrooms and notice objects being used to inspire the use of physical

It’s Monday! We Are Reading Piecing Me Together #IMWAYR

When we read All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, we wanted to share these books with students in our partner schools, but knew these texts were

Mentor Teaching Moves: A Brilliant Use of Space #T4TMoments

When we walked into the Hardwick Elementary School, we noticed a long row of bookshelves in the hallway filled with baskets of books organized by series.   Each basket was labeled with the series name

Slice of Life: Mindful vs. Mindfulness #SOL17

Mindfulness seems to be the new buzz word in education.  The first time I heard the phrase I was in a school and a principal informed me the next classroom was running a bit