Slice of Life: Adjusting with the Times

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hMy family has always connected around games. Rainy days filled with Ticket To Ride, Stratego and Risk. Winter storms allowing for marathon Monopoly and Scrabble games. We used to sneak in a game after dinner or even before school some mornings. I still carry a deck of cards in my purse, just in case the opportunity arises.

As our boys enter adolescence we find it more and more difficult to keep this tradition alive. Team practices, games, homework, driving lessons, plans with friends, and our jobs pull us in different directions. We plan a time to play something each week, but we all miss this part of our family life.

Then we found Walk By Scrabble


It is perfect for us! It hangs in our kitchen and we can keep a game going even if we are not together. I love how we are still connecting through this…

Hey, it’s your turn.

That’s a great word!

What did you add?

What does that word mean?

I’ll wait until you are done so I can go.

Someone make Mom go…

You took my spot!

Worst letters ever!!

Same jokes, rivalries, and challenges are happening. Somehow this board is connecting us when we are not together. It is keeping the fun going while we are apart.  I will keep planning and scheduling time for us to actually physically be together and play games together… in the meantime this is keeping us connected.

As my kids get older, I find I have to adjust my expectations and vision for our family time.  Their developmental needs are changing and we need to adjust to let them find their place in the world.  What worked two years ago no longer works for us, we are constantly altering to strike a balance.  I think it is the same in classrooms.  It seems that just when we have things going smoothly our students develop and need something else.  Our systems, structures and even schedules needs to be adapted to meet their next steps as learners.  Change is hard – most of us don’t like it.  We need to remember, however, that it is an inevitable outcome of growing and learning!


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  1. Christine Baldiga March 28, 2016

    First of all I need to get my hands on that game. How cool is that!
    I am constantly amazed how many family stories can parallel what we see in the classroom. You are a master at making those connections. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Lisa March 28, 2016

    What a fun game! My children are just getting old enough for us to do puzzles together. We love it. I can’t wait until we can play some good games together. There are a few they can do now, but they are all the kind that aren’t actually fun for adults!

  3. lynne dorfman March 28, 2016

    Love this piece for so many reasons. My post tomorrow will use your post today as a springboard. The idea of change and that it can help us grow in so many ways is an important topic. The way you keep the family game alive is teally cool, and of course, the discussion of classeoom applications. I am going to find Walk By Scrabble! Love the idea of change as building something new!

  4. Aileen Hower March 28, 2016

    This is great! I have to get this!! We love games too, but have trouble playing the ones that take a bit of a longer time. Problem solved 🙂

  5. Tara March 28, 2016

    Now this is a great idea! We use the Scrabble app for our far flung kiddos – but I love having this at our farm. Thanks for sharing, Clare!

  6. Diane Dougherty March 28, 2016

    A deck of cards in your purse…cool beans. You are a mom who is ready for anything.
    I love the Socrates quote. Look to the ancients to inform the modern.
    Change is hard, but stagnation kills.

  7. Rose March 28, 2016

    I really like the dialogue in the middle. I could just hear those voices! I have used Scramble and Words with Friends for keeping connected. So many ways to extend a little rivalry.

  8. Stacey Shubitz March 28, 2016

    I LOVE Scrabble! (I had to take a WWF hiatus because I was so addicted.) That said, I need this game in my house. Where did you buy it?

    • Clare and Tammy March 28, 2016

      It is the best – just click on the hyperlink in my post and it will take you to the website. Thanks -Clare

  9. Linda Baie March 29, 2016

    This won’t work for me now, but oh I would have loved it earlier in my life. It will be a great gift for some of my family. Thanks, Clare. I do understand about changes, and in the classroom too. You are right to access the needs and find ways to keep the priorities, but creatively.

  10. Melanie Meehan March 29, 2016

    As Christine said, you are the master at making the connections. I’m working so hard to connect slicing with teaching and learning this year, and it is hard! I always get inspiration from your posts. And now I need Scrabble.

  11. Larkin Meehan March 29, 2016

    I will be surprised if this game hasn’t appeared in my house by next weekend when I go home! Definitely something right up our alley. Very cute slice- thanks for sharing!

  12. Anna Cockerille March 30, 2016

    This point is huge, and it starts very early on:
    As my kids get older, I find I have to adjust my expectations and vision for our family time. Their developmental needs are changing and we need to adjust to let them find their place in the world.
    I already find myself doing the same with small ones. I love the ways you write about staying connected with your kids.

  13. Mandy Robek March 31, 2016

    Oh, this post is my life. We loved playing games together but things aren’t the same anymore as they do get older and try to be themselves and define their new ideas. I find this part of parenting a bit tricky and doesn’t come as natural to me. Thanks for reminding me I’m not alone.


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