It’s Monday! Dogs + High Jinks = Highly Engaging Texts #IMWAYR

In our bookrooms and classroom libraries, we want to make sure we have a wide range of series so readers can find characters they love.  When we organize books by series, it makes it easy for readers to know what to read next.  Instead of searching through lots of baskets, readers know just where to go to find more books about the same character.  These dog series are so much fun!  We love watching listening to readers’ giggle as they read these series and we love that readers with varying skill levels can read these texts.

Bella and Rosie Series


Pioneer Valley’s Bella and Rosie series is one we love to share with early and emergent readers.   These books are written at a variety of text complexity levels and are filled with real photos of these two adorable dogs. These books feature Bella and Rosie celebrating holidays, playing sports, and even trying on different costumes.  The text is easy-to-read, the picture supports are clear and the stories are always engaging.  These books are perfect for beginning readers to learn to use how to integrate print and meaning strategies to problem solve as they read.

Danny Series

Who doesn’t love this adorable dog?   This series by Mary Ruth Books is so clever.  It features Danny, a yellow Labrador retriever, as a spy, a superhero, and even an entomologist.  The text in these books is carefully crafted to support early and emergent readers and the photographs are hysterical.  We love that these books are written at a variety of text complexity levels making them accessible to lots of readers.

Looking for more books to make readers laugh?  Next week we feature Dav Pilkey’s books


  1. Lisa Maucione December 11, 2017

    When I taught first grade, at another school, we had books in these series and I loved them. Some of the others from Pioneer Valley were well liked by students, too, especially Gilbert the Pig.

  2. Linda Baie December 11, 2017

    I’ll be sure to note these for my younger granddaughter who’s just beginning to read. They look just right! Thanks!

  3. Myra from GatheringBooks December 12, 2017

    Super Danny looks so cute – and perfect for the Yuletide season.

  4. Jane the Raincity Librarian December 12, 2017

    Oh yes, so many kids love dogs! These look especially good for struggling or nervous young readers – books can seem intimidating, but sweet, fluffy dogs can sure help lessen the intimidation with their happy little faces!

  5. Laura Mossa December 13, 2017

    I love Pioneer Valleys books! Any book with a dog is a good choice to me!

  6. Susan Kennedy December 14, 2017

    Luckily these are in some book buckets floating around the school. Definitely going to look for Super Danny. LOL


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