Mentor Teaching Moves: How We Teach Matters #T4TMoments

When we have a question about a student our first step is to triangulate the data with observation.  Even when we find a pattern across multiple assessments we do not know why this pattern is happening.  The “why” behind the error or confusion is often not clear.  We find that if we plan to observe the student engaging in the process of learning as a next step, the “why” becomes apparent.

We believe data meetings should always include formative, observational notes.  As teachers, we need to plan time to step back and watch our students as they read and write independently. This data helps us determine how our students learn and if they can employ strategies independently.  When we observe them in the process, we can see what a student authentically does when they face a problem.  This information is essential to understanding our next instructional step.

When we take the time to step aside and see what our students can do without us, we get a window into how they think, process and problem solve.  This is the information we need to plan how we are going to instruct them.  These moves we make instructionally- the craft and art of teaching –  are what make the difference in learning.



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