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Mentor Teaching Move: The Art of Speaking and Listening  #T4TMoments

Mentor Teaching Move:  The Art of Speaking and Listening   #T4TMoments

A wise professor once told us that classroom conversation should look more like a soccer game than a tennis match.  She explained that students must listen and speak to each other rather than having

It’s Monday! Dogs + High Jinks = Highly Engaging Texts #IMWAYR

In our bookrooms and classroom libraries, we want to make sure we have a wide range of series so readers can find characters they love.  When we organize books by series, it makes it

Mentor Teaching Moves: Now That’s a Notebook! #T4TMoments

Saving time and being organized are mentor teaching moves.  We recently discovered something that helps us do both – a smart notebook – Rocketbook. Here is how it works: You take notes using Pilot FriXion Pens You choose

Slice of Life: Running for a Reason #SOL17

This was my third year running the half-marathon for St. Jude and once again I was truly humbled by the generosity and optimism of the families I met throughout the weekend.  I was touched

It’s Monday! We are Reading Amina’s Voice #IMWAYR

The Washington Post called Hena Khan’s novel, Amina’s Voice, a step toward greater diversity in children’s books and we call Amina’s Voice a must-read middle grade novel.  There is so much to this book. 

Mentor Teaching Move: It’s Worth the Wait Time   #T4TMoments 

Mentor Teaching Move: It’s Worth the Wait Time   #T4TMoments 

Wait time.   It is an oldie but a goodie.   Wait time sends the message that we are not in a rush.  Learning, discussing, and reflecting takes time. Wait time sends the message that everyone’s voice is important. 

Slice of Life: Busy Will Wait #SOL17

Slice of Life:  Busy Will Wait   #SOL17

I do a double take, every last flower is gone. My hydrangeas were amazing this year.  I was cutting blooms through Veterans Day.  I had flowers arranged in every room of the house.  I woke up

It’s Monday! We Are Counting and Learning About Bugs! #IMWAYR

We learned about 100 Bugs: A Counting Book, in a unique way.  You see, the author, Kate Narita, is a fourth-grade teacher in one of our partnership schools.   During a recent PD session, one

It’s Monday! And the Winners Are… #IMWAYR

Every year, the NCTE children’s book awards luncheon is a highlight of the conference for us.  This year we sat with one of our favorite authors, Juana Medina, as we listened to speeches from

Mentor Teaching Moves: Keeping Students at the Forefront of Our Teaching #T4TMoments

After completing a round of common assessments, Jen wanted a way to organize her students’ data so that the information was right at her teams’ fingertips.   It was easy to record the students’ scores